Hi everyone,

Until now I've been putting all my lenses into a drawstring bag, then that and camera and its bag into another waterproof bag and then, if I need to walk around, into a daypack. As you can imagine, this isn't totally practical.

I've been looking around recently for something that:
  • I can carry around and use on day trips with other necessities such as coat etc
  • I can remove the camera / lens section and use as a full size day pack
  • fits 4-5 lenses and camera
  • is waterproof and flexible
  • has a waist belt and preferably chest, for when fully loaded
  • easily accommodates a tripod
  • not necessarily fits a notebook or the like
  • is a reasonable build quality
  • isn't a 'sling' type
  • access can be restricted when in environments where pickpocketting might occur

I located one kind on fleabay a while ago, but when I came back to purchase no suppliers had that type any more. Looking around again recently I came across the Lowepro AW II so splashed out and bought one, and it arrived yesterday.

For those interested in similar, here's what I've found of this model:[*]it fits everything I want to carry around[*]the lens / camera section is well padded and removable, although you do[*]need to squeeze lenses in slightly (because of that padding)[*]the top section has quite a bit of room, and can be opened to give access to both the top and bottom, ie one larger volume[*]when the top and bottom are unzipped, there doesn't seem to be much on the sides to hold the top and bottom, although they're both full attached to the back[*] has an additional 3 external pockets for bits and pieces - two zipped, one velcro'd

Disadvantages? So far only the last point. I haven't used this in the wild yet though.

Price? This one costs around $80 delivered.

Hope this helps some people...

Here are a few photos so you can see how/what fits where. Sherlock, these aren't product shots

closed by ScottM70, on Flickr

from back by ScottM70, on Flickr

bottom section empty by ScottM70, on Flickr

top section empty by ScottM70, on Flickr

bottom section packed by ScottM70, on Flickr

top open by ScottM70, on Flickr