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    Anyone Interested!!!!!!!

    Does anyone live near Palm Cove (Trinity Beach) and if so would they be interested in doing a small photo shoot on the 31-8-2011. Probably 45 mins to 1 hr. I am looking for someone who would like to put about 50 pictures on a disc for me and my partner and not charge the earth. Oh and they may have to be willing to be a witness!!!! Anyone interested let me know. You don't have to have a business or be professional just a keen photographer who can take a decent piccy. Jeff from Orange if you read this it's totally a secret, ok!!!!!
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    Good Luck, sorry I cannot help.

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    Deb A excuse my dumbness (i failed geography) is that Palm Cove near Cairns?? If so I may have a contact up there who is very reasonable with her prices. My husband and I renewed our vows in Nov last year (just us no guests) and we got some beautiful photos done by her
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    May be able to help have pm`d you my details
    Photoshop CS4 and lightroom 2 (lI know a little bit but am learning )
    Constructive Critique of my images always appreciated
    Feel free to re work my images, just please let me know what you did, and how you did it so I can learn
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    Sounds like Kassy has a near perfect answer for you or if you can delay the "proceedings" till the 29th Sept we will be there.
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