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Thread: website matters

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    website matters

    I find this site informative and I appreciate the feedback I get on my posts, however, this site is sooooooooo slow to open pages / forums...... is there something I can do my end??.... all other websites open fine

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    Yep: wait till the 22nd July when AP moves to the new, dedicated server. Paitence is a virtue.

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    I think you need to keep an eye on the site matters forum on this site, It is there for us to announce things etc. I have moved this thread to the site matters forum for you. The New To photography forum is to discuss how to take photos etc as a new photographer. It isnt there for you to post everything to, just cause you are new. I have noticed all your posts are in that forum. I suggest you spend some time browsing the site and looking at how it is structured and what is available in the way of tools to assist you.

    Click FORUM on the main menu and have a scroll through all the forums so you get an understanding of what there is, so you can put your threads in the correct place
    Click LIBRARY on the main menu and have a look through the New To Photography section and the How Do I section.

    As for the slowness, there is a link to the reason and resolution at the top of the site (which is where we put notices for members attention) and to assist you, it is HERE
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