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Thread: Pentax Q System

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    I'm with Tony on this, do not know why they bothered.

    With the limited R & D funds (when compared with other brands) I'm surprised they have not put those funds into the gaps in the lens range that force many Pentax DSLR users to go with third party lenses.

    If they wanted to compete with the micro4/3 camp why not bring out a Pentax version of those so that we could use the existing Pentax/ Takumar lenses via adaptors that the Micro4/3 camp are doing.

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    Not interested in a Q size camera but many are, particularly in Japan (Pentax's largest Market). Have to wait till the pixel peepers get hold of images before IQ is really known. All I know for sure is that evers ince I bought my first Pentax Digital *istDS all ever heard from the armchair experts was "Pentax is doomed and will be gone in a year you have to buy Canikon" and evry year Pentax brings out a new camera and slowly gains marketshare and even manages to produce a highend Digital MF camera. Pentax seem to me to know exactly what they are doing and the Q system wether good or bad is at least in the news and the Pentax brand is being looked at all over fhe world.
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    Well i dont think the Q will be that bad as people make out.
    CCTV cameras use a 1/3 and 1/4inch CCD or CMOS chip and they are refining them at an alarming rate including using real time dark frame subtraction on MP and standard def CCTV cameras.
    If they are compared to compacts and if you take into account they are designed for the chinese and japanese market then these will be fancy, fashionable and quality enough and will fit straight in to this sector.
    ITs also interesting that the K5 is top of the pile in the APSC DLSR market and not to mention the P645D which so far has been nothing but great reviews, so pentax cant be all that wrong.
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