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    long exposures on compact camera

    Talking Long exposure on compact camera
    I am back with a question for my camera club. This one is with compact cameras. We had a guest speaker showing images of long exposures (mostly water scenes) and discussing the techniques.
    I doubt that compacts have any bulb setting and wondered what is the maximum time you can keep the shutter open on a compact cam, this would not be easy because of the lack of shutter release cable unless these are available for these cams also. can anyone give me some on advice on the topic as a to go about setting the camera up to achieve at least a 10 second shot. I dont own a point a shoot.

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    If you have a Canon Point and SHoot, you can download the CHDK Wiki which will allow your point and shoot to do super long exposures, like hours long. it also allows for scripts like Infared triggers, intervelometers etc.

    but to answer your question how to set it up, will completely depend upon your camera.
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    This is going to be a difficult question to answer because there are so many different cameras with a vast array of different features.
    My wife just go a new point and shoot. It has a manual setting so you can choose shutter speed, aperture, iso, although it is no where near as flexable as a DSLR or bridge camera. It also has a self timer setting. You can therefore set the shutter speed for 10 seconds and the self timer for 2 seconds to get a long exposure. Many of the P&S did not have manual settings.

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    I think you can talk for hours about this. "Compact cameras" cover a wide field in quality and capability. Quite a few DSLRS also max out at 30 sec on Bulb.
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    Hi Patriciaann
    Why don't you ask the speaker ?

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