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Thread: Aperture Question

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    Aperture Question

    Can I do a batch convert from tiff to jpg in Aperture. I have Aperture 2 but have never used it much. If anyone can offer step by step instructions I'd be very grateful

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    First let me say that this is my first post in yonks, but your plaintive plea tuggethed at my conscience and I put down my real work to help (send money, not flowers...). Now that you are feeling suitably guilty, here be the response:

    Yes, you can. You select the images you want to convert to jpeg. Right-click on one of the images and select Export|Versions from the context menu. You should see an export dialogue prompting for location, filename change if appropriate etc. Adjust these as required. Select from the drop-down list one of the jpeg format exports - there's full size, and a range of reduced size presets to choose from. Click on OK and wait for Aperture to do the conversion (it could take a while if there are lots of big tiffs).

    At this point, Bob should be your uncle. Make fast and loose with your new jpegs, happy in the knowledge that your tiffs are still snoozing safe and secure in Aperture.

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