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Thread: MAY MADNESS : Thank you!

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    MAY MADNESS : Thank you!

    When we first came up with the idea for May Madness, we hoped that the AP members would appreciate the concept, especially when I could offer up some prizes that did not relate to winning a photo competition on the site.

    Now that May Madness is over and the winners have been announced, I just wanted to say a couple of things.

    Firstly, thanks to Ausphotography Site Advertisers, without you, not only would the funds not have been available to offer up the Prizes, but also the actual prizes would not have been vouchers from some of you. So thank you for supporting AP.

    Next up, the site moderators. We had some interesting discussions about the whole May Madness concept and some even more interesting talks about who the winners should be. It was great to work with you again, to the benefit of the site and the AP members, to get to, what we think, was a fantastic outcome, with three well deserving winners. Thanks Mods!

    Finally, I want to say THANKS to each and every member who took the May Madness idea on board and strove to improve their posts, not only to possibly win a prize, but to help other AP members out as well. We saw some amazing critiques during May, and some great discussions on photographic matters. Please, even though the competition is over, keep up the level of interaction, it makes AP a better place for every single one of us. THANK YOU!

    Because May Madness worked so well, we might even consider doing something similar again in future!
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