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Thread: acronyms

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    OK as a newby I'm finding some of the acronyms hard to work out and used quite commonly.

    What does HDR mean
    " " (ntp)
    " " exif
    " " CW metering
    " " +EV

    There's a lot more but i don't want to annoy you guys with to many questions is there a part of the website that explains all the Acronyms already i can check.

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    HDR = High Dynamic Range. It is a composite of usually 3 or more photos of the same scene, all taken at different exposures to get both the dark shadows and highlights, and then each separate photo is merged into one to create a dynamic range photo that is larger than the dynamic range that your camera can create from as single shot, due to sensor limitations. Have a look here for more on it:

    NTP, is our own one, not really a photography one, it means NEW TO PHOTOGRAPHY, which is our learning centre in the AP Library for those wanting to learn about photography.

    EXIF : Is data embedded inside digital photo files that tell us about the photo. It can contain things like photographers name, Camera used, lens used, and camera settings, whether flash was fired, what mode, and more

    CW Metering : Centre Weighted Metering, meaning you set the camera up so that it's exposure meter takes a reading to get correct exposure where it 'weights' the metering to the centre of the frame.

    +EV is the Exposure Value, you can have a + or - value if you are wanting to over-expose or under-expose the scene, from what the camera's metering system determines is the correct exposure
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    This for Metering... (Spot, Centre, Area; also EV and +/-EV)
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