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Thread: Using the coding available on AP (BB-Code tutorial)

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    Using the coding available on AP (BB-Code tutorial)

    The formatting codes you can use on AP.

    There are a variety of formatting codes available to members for use in threads. The official name for these small bits of code is BB-Code.

    All of these formatting codes have a few things in common.
    They use a pair of tags coded in square brackets [] and use the / symbol on the terminating tag.

    Eg. [CODE]text[/CODE]

    Some options have information in the opening tag.

    Eg. [CODE="some parameter"]text[/CODE]

    The square brackets tell the site software that the following code needs to be interpreted and presented in a special way,
    and the text inside the brackets tells the site software exactly what the code is, and how to interpret it.

    So as an example (ignore the spaces, just placed for easier display here)

    [IMG] *your photo link ending in JPG goes here * [/IMG]

    [IMG] – Tells the site software that any code after this should be treated as an image/photo and display it as one.

    your photo link (this is where you place your link, in the format):,where it is the full link including the http and ending in .jpg. If the IMG link does not end it .jpg, you will need to find the link for the photo/image that does as the AP site software needs to know what sort of IMG file it is, to display it.

    Note that the IMG tag works with .PNG and .GIF as well ( and probably some others that I have never tested out).

    [/IMG]– the / here tells the site software that this is the end of the IMG code and stop looking further at text in the thread.

    There is no need to use capitals, the site treats IMG and img exactly the same.
    This format of [code]xxxxx[/code] is standard across all the linking tags you can use on the site.

    So now onto some examples

    IMG code
    Used to link a photo/image into Ausphotography

    Will appear as:

    URL Code

    Used to link a URL (web address) into Ausphotography.

    Will appear as:

    There is another feature of the URL link that can wrap the code around some text

    For example

    "Please click HERE to see the information I am talking about."

    You can wrap the URL tag around the word HERE in the above text, so that the URL itself does not show in your thread, but the word HERE is click-able and links to the URL.

    This gets a bit more complex though, as you need the word HERE, inside the URL tags, like this:


    Note how the word HERE is inside the URL tags, which results in this:
    Please click HERE to see the information I am talking about.

    This basic concept of [code]xxxxxx[/code] can be used extensively on the Ausphotography site.

    Here are some more examples

    [B]bold text[/B]
    [I]italic text[/I]

    That can be used to display as:

    bold text as opposed to text that isn’t bold
    italic text as opposed to text that isn’t in italics

    There is a list of most of the basic BB-Codes available to you HERE

    I will also be placing a copy of this in the AP Library HOW DO I section. The HOW DO I section of the AP Library also contains some useful articles on linking photos from Photobucket and Flickr as these sites have made the process easier, by allowing you to generate the full code within their site and then just cut-n-paste it directly into your AP thread/post.

    On Ausphotography we have created some of our own BB Code in addition to the generic list. Mostly these are used by myself and the mod team as part of running the site. For example [RULZ]POTW[/RULZ] shows as Photo of the Week Rules, linking members to the rules for the Photo of the Week competition. Which is much quicker for us to type than going to the rules area, copying the link to that page, coming back to the thread and then using the URL tag to link the rules in.

    I hope this explains the BB-Code and how it is used in an easy to understand manner.
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    Some AP Custom BB-Codes...

    Strike out [s]Some text[/s] Gives: Some text

    HTML codes [ht]copy[/ht] Gives: ©
    --- This can specify any HTML special character or HEX code.

    Rules [rulz]potw[/rulz] Gives: Photo of the Week Rules
    --- Codes: POTW POTM Seagate POTY General Library Employment Classifieds

    Spoiler [spoiler]A punch line for a joke[/spoiler] Gives:

    Competition BB codes:

    [aptoken]V150_0030[/aptoken] Allows a completed competition entry to be linked...

    Photo of the Week #254 : Intermediate :
    Entry: 7265 - Voting Token: V150_0030 - Giac

    Title: Photo of the Week #254 : Intermediate :
    150 - Photo of the Week #254 : Intermediate : --- Entry: 7265 - Voting Token: V150_0030 - Giac
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