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    Wow its like trying to break into fort knots trying to post I wrote to admin this morning asking why I had been locked out , he told me because i had been in-active for ninty days Maybe I should have told him thats why I have been inactive no matter what I tried It would not let me in maybe posting this will start the ball rolling
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    all good, looking forward to seeing some of your photo's
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    Pat, as per my email to you, I just did not reply saying posting will activate your account. I gave you a link to the information you needed on how to do it. If you had taken the time to read the information, maybe you would understand this!

    That link included this:

    Inactive Member restrictions are currently placed any member who has not posted to the site in 90 days.
    They have similar restrictions placed on them as zero post members (above). To re-activate an inactive account,
    a member has to start posting again (to the areas they can access).
    Restoration of full site access occurs within one hour of the site software registering the posting activity.
    Posting to Site Matters, Off-Topic or the Test Zone will NOT re-activate your account.

    The 'inactive' trigger is a reducing cycle. The first time it is set to 90 days, if you re-activate your account
    after being inactive, and then stop posting to the site again, inactive kicks in at 60 days, and if you re-activate
    your account at that time, and stop posting, inactive happens after 30 days.

    So, I hope that we will see you actively contributing again, now that you have posted to regain your access levels.
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