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Thread: Calling all Sony Nex-5 Users

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    Calling all Sony Nex-5 Users

    Ok I love my DSLRs and have travelled around the world with a pack weighing more than my back and shoulders can cope with.
    As I have posted in another thread, I am looking at high altitude trekking in Nepal and am worried that a heavy pack of DSLR goodies will just ruin my enjoyment of the trip. I have carted multiple lenses, tripods, Colkin z-pro grads and other camera gear from the Sahara desert to floating villages in Cambodia. So the question is how do I still take some great photos and possible some video and reduce the weight on my back?? I am very tempted to get a Sony Nex-5 and try it out 6 months before I head off to Nepal and India. As I never buy gear in half measures, I was thinking of getting the 18-200 lens as well as the the pancake lens.

    So what have others found? Any comments? Any alternatives. I am going to also give one of my daughters an indestructible waterproof, shock and freeze proof Point and Shoot to grab some shots when we are rafting - she also like to push the limits with gear so this is the ideal camera for her.

    So help please!
    Hobart Camera semi newbie

    Canon 50D
    Canon EF-S 17-55 2.8
    Tamron 18-270 mm
    Canon 10-22mm lens
    Canon 50 mm 1.4
    Benro Carbon Fibre Tripod C-258 + B-1 Head
    Canon 10D EF 100mm 1:2.8 Macro Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX
    imac 24" 2.8 Aperature II

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    I got a NEX5.

    I don't have the luxury to go to Nepal or Sahara desert, but it's a bit stupid to carry a 1D with all the heavy lenses with me all the time even when I go to dinner with friends.

    But I still want to be able to access most of the DSLR's functionality, including fast FPS, AEB etc and shoot RAW. So considered the size, functionality, (potential) flexibility on lens choice, I go for the NEX5.

    When I bought it, Myer don't have 18-200 lens option, so I went for the 16mm + 18-55 kit. I have used the 18-200mm on a different occasion and IQ wise I think it's noticeable better lens than either of the 16/18-55.

    Easiest thing to do is go to the iIntellegent mode and everything is automatic.

    To access more advance function, it's not as easy as your normal DSLR - you need to click a lot of button a lot of time, to get your most precise setting. So if you have a 2 mins window to take a sunset/sunrise shot - GOOD LUCK!

    18-200 on the NEX body would feel lens heavy, but if you don't care of this kind of thing, don't worry (I don't)

    Video mode is GREAT but depends on the battery you use, the camera will go overheat and shut itself down. Sony battery will last about 4 mins in summer, about 20 in winter. OEM battery 1/2 that.

    It has outstanding function like swipe panoramic, hand held twilight mode (take nite photo without tripod), night portrait. Compare to normal P&S or even EVIL camera, these are outstanding features!! BUT, all these files has to save as JPEG, no RAW. And of course it's not comparable with a SLR on tripod.

    If you are into the "legacy lens" hobby, you can buy an adapter and stuck your Leica/Zeiss/whatever range finder or EVEN your DSLR lens on it. PLENTY of adapter you can buy on ebay and are not expensive.

    Go back to normal photography - noise control IMO is better than my Canon 500D in high ISO. Default setting (of any picture style) is more neutral than most camera on the market (include DSLRs). I feel the photo seems not as sharp/color is not as saturated if straight off camera. BUT!!! I am notorious on over cooking post process and everyone say my pics are WAY over saturated, so take my comment on this with a gain of salt. Having say that, the sensor recorded a great deal of details (just like most modern sensor) and color/sharpness can easily recovered thru PP.

    Otherwise you can manually adjust the parameters of each of the Picture Style (I did that)
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    id say the nex3/5 is a superb performer especially for travel and if you dont mind pairing it with MF lenses its a gem!

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