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Thread: Australian Copyright Seminars for Photographers

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    Australian Copyright Seminars for Photographers

    This is always a hot topic and I've seen a few posts about it before on here so I thought I would come to share..

    The Australian Copyright Council is again heading around the country with some excellent seminars on copyright. It’s not directed specifically at Photographers, but it is focused on the digital age and there are some seminars that are definitely applicable to photographers such as: ”Copyright Essentials”, “Websites, Blogs & Social Media”, “Copyright for Businesses” and more.

    “Designed for both users and creators of copyright works, the Copyright Council’s user-friendly seminars provide expert advice on how to work with copyright in the digital age.”

    Visit for more information and to book. The seminars do cost money but it is a very worthy investment if you can make them. They kick off at the end of May in Perth.

    I have compiled more information and more links for some online reading you can do specifically on Copyright for Photographers. Check it out here:

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    Thanks Brodie.
    I've had a quick browse through Photographers & Australian Copyright pdf file. It is well worth a read. Shall go through it properly when I get home from work.
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