From time to time competition entries are disqualified,
usually for an identifying watermark or
displaying the entry image in a thread within the 30 days prior to the competition starting and the end of voting.

If the DQ happened during voting the mods DQ'd the entry in the comp system and
manually edited the poll, which left a null poll entry marked as 'Disqualified'
This led to some confusion to the adjacent entries in the poll.

To remove this confusion we have modified the back-end DQ tool so that it now
fully removes the DQ'd entry from the poll, including the removal of any votes.

There are two side effects to this system change:
  • DQ'd entries will disappear from the poll(s)
  • When a DQ'd entry is in the final poll, members will be able to re-vote for an alternate.
    Note: Re-votes will not occur for the qualifying poll due to the multi choice nature of the poll

As usual we try to improve the competition system to ensure the fairest result.