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Thread: Need advice about Adelaide Botanic Gardens

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    Need advice about Adelaide Botanic Gardens

    Hi, I am travelling to Adelaide to photograph a friend's wedding in the City Botanic Gardens. I'm not from Adelaide so don't know the gardens at all, and will have only a little time to explore before the actual wedding.

    I've printed a map and can look at photos on the net, but would love advice from anyone familiar with the gardens on the best spots to host a few wedding photos. We can walk around a bit but it would be good to have an idea in advance of favourite positions for afternoon shots.

    If I can plan a walking route or selected hotspots around the gardens beforehand, it will be much easier for me to familiarise in the short time I have to prepare.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ged McMahon
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    Nobody's answered you .... I will try and help a little.
    I think near the big lilly pond, north terrace side, there is a shady area with some sort of pergola. Maybe you may get some shade around the old glass house. On the northern side of the gardens is birch trees, I believe there is a bridge near there. Not sure how bright the sun would be on the bridge. You may have it on your map. The north terrace gates are nice as well, not sure for a wedding though.
    Sorry not a great help for you. I have been a couple of times but haven't thought of where it would be nice for a wedding. You may find photos of the gardens on the 'net.
    best of luck

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