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Thread: Canon 60D First Impressions vs 50D

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    Canon 60D First Impressions vs 50D

    Got a 60D yesterday and tried it out at local footy today.
    Impressions are not as heavy as 50D. Also a bit smaller so would suit smaller hands. I reckon it feels a bit light but that’s after being used to 50D with battery grip. I'm a big guy and 50D suits me nicely.

    Nice sculptured thumb indent makes for good grip.

    Burst mode sounds a fraction slower than 50D but testing shooting a stopwatch on the monitor show both about the same at around 6 shots per second.

    Battery lasts longer than 50D, back to 30D type battery life.

    Buttons different on top, only control 1 setting not 2 like 30D & 50D, but easier to use, no button for white balance, but I have set that as a shortcut on centre push of control wheel so not a problem.

    18 Mp vs 15Mp actually noticeable on monitor, you can crop more with better results. JPEGs seem better / sharper / better exposure. I have used a 7D and image quality looks like what i remembered that to be.

    Don’t like swivel LCD, I like it facing me for quick preview, so no point in swivel unless shooting on live-view overhead shots. Swivel means it sits a bit proud so nose hits it when looking in viewfinder.

    Movie mode no good in bright light as you need to see LCD in sunlight to focus – impossible. Can’t look thru viewfinder in movie mode as it sets mirror up and uses live-view in movie mode.

    60D uses SD cards. I got a Class 6 card but you can see it isn’t as fast as compact flash cards, still writing buffer for some time after shooting a burst, but didn’t present a problem. Answer would be to buy expensive Class 10 SD cards.

    Feel the viewfinder is a bit brighter in 60D vs 50D.

    Dial on top has button on top that you have to push in before you can change settings from M to Av to Tv etc. Good in that you can’t accidentally knock dial and change setting.

    That’s about it. Still love my 50D though!

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    Being left eyed, I swing the screen out when using the viewfinder, and find it gives me a lot more room for my nose!
    On my old Pentax K-x, almost every time I put my eye to the viewfinder, my nose used to hit the live view button and the viewfinder would go blank!
    Used to drive me crazy!
    When you get the camera on a tripod, you'll see the real benefits of having a swinging screen.
    If you can't see it too well in daylight, go to the menu setting for the display and put it on full brightness.
    The factory setting is only half way, but it is a gorgeous screen to use, compared ot anything else I've tried.

    Another good thing about the 60D is the Q button.
    Makes it very easy to change settings on the fly.

    I came from the Pentax and an old Canon D60, and the new 60D is a great camera.
    I was very tempted by the 7D too, but preferred the plastic body (no scratches and dents) for its lighter weight and general feel.
    The images are the same anyway, so I thought that i'd save a few bucks on the body, and put it into good and not-so-good lenses.
    All my photos are taken with recycled pixels.
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