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Thread: Canon EOS 1100d opinions please

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    Canon EOS 1100d opinions please

    Still in the researching stage of my leap into the world of DSLR.

    I think I am decided on Canon. I have a budget of less than $1000. I am a newby to what I need and will like & will be using auto mode a lot until I gain confidence!

    I have no idea what lenses would be best for my needs/ likes, but will mostly be taking pictures of my kids plus maybe some landscapes. I would love to play around with lighting esp. sunsets etc. which is something I certainly can't do with my point & shoot.

    Undecided if it's worth getting a single or twin lens kit or maybe single lens plus a 50mm f/1.8 lens for portraits?

    Would love any thoughts especially on the Canon eos 1100d as it 'sounds' good.


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    I suggest getting the lens kit to start with. It will give you a chance to learn your craft, understand your camera and improve your photography. Using a DSLR well is an Art in itself, and you have a good few months of learning ahead of you, just to get to the point where other photographers are going to say GREAT PHOTO. By that time you will know more about what and how you like to shoot, and then the lenses needed to further your photography will also be clearer.

    However, if you want, I would suggest as 50mm f1.8 for your portraiture and a Sigma 10-20 for landscapes.
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    +1 to what Rick said; given your budget.
    The nifty 50's are not that expensive and you might even get one cheap on eBay.

    Another things to allow for up front is a memory card

    In the next 12-18 months you will most likely add a decent tri-pod and head ($300+); and a flash.
    If you start shooting portraits seriously a 2nd flash and a couple of umbrellas might be needed.

    No rush on any of it!
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