DigitalRev has once again painted a DSLR! And this time, we will use it for charity purpose to help the Japan Earthquake Relief.

Please click on the below links and bid on the Auctions to help out.

  1. Our dearest Kai has painted two Nikon DSLR cameras before, so this time it's Canon's turn and we picked the Canon EOS 600D for this charity event.
    All profit* of this sale goes to Red Cross to help Japan.
    *profit being gross profit, i.e. final sale price minus actual purchase cost of the camera

  2. Besides the Canon 600D, we are also putting a Brand New Sony Cybershot W330 signed by Kai + Kai's flat cap + the cloth back from Kai's broken director's chair for Charity Auction.
    All sale proceeds* goes to Red Cross to help Japan.
    *sale proceeds being all money received (including shipping fee)

  3. DRTV Single 'Bokehlicious Christmas' on iTunes
    Buy this single before 30th April 2011 on iTunes, and all income* we received from iTunes will be donated to Red Cross to help Japan.
    *Income being the actual pre-tax income we receive from Apple iTunes for all sales of the song within the specified period.

Donation details including receipts will be published on our facebook page and blog ( by no later than 30th April 2011**. **Donation for iTunes sale may be delayed by up to 2 months due to delay in reporting of sales figures by iTunes.