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Thread: m4/3rds macro

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    m4/3rds macro

    I recently (finally) got my new camera. Panasonic GH2. I have 3 lenses, two of which manage some moderately useful macro ability, but in my opinion the best way to describe it is "frustratingly 'almost' useful". 600mm equivalent from 1.5m away is difficult to hold steady and only really allows me to capture medium flowers - certainly nothing smaller and attempting to track even a slow moving insect is difficult to say the least.

    I am considering my options here. A drawback of m43 is that the image is already cropped, so it is even more important than normal that I get enough optical magnification. I am confident that the 45mm f2.8 (90mm equiv) panaleica would suit, but it is $750. Not completely out of the question because it would be a useful length for other use as well, but...

    I can get an adaptor for most brands of normal lenses, or also for 4/3, so there are too many options. If I were to get an adaptor and older (perhaps minolta) MF lens, what would you suggest as a good option? I can look at reviews etc for newer lenses, but the older stuff I know nothing about. Keep in mind that is is a 2x crop sensor, so a 50mm lens is equivalent to 100mm.
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    G'day Irru

    Yes mate - quite a dilemma
    However, for an inexpensive experiment, I would suggest a qwik look into which 3rd-party lens adapters are made for the m4/3 body [ie: minolta, pentax etc], then fork out for the adapter and locate a 35mm - 50mm lens via any of the 2nd-hand shops

    My guess is that the adapter would be $50-$60 and a lens all of $10

    Could be an interesting way to start & also [from experience] decide which way to go from there
    Regards, Phil
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