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Thread: Box Brownie

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    Box Brownie

    Finally finished the roll of HP5 400 plus in the old box brownie.
    Developed it last night, first time I have film developed in maybe.. 30yrs.

    All went well with ilfosol 3, stop bath and ilford rapid fixer..+ wash.
    The negatives look ok on the film but I havn't had my 'eye in' for a long time now.

    only got 5 1/2 photos out of an 8 photo roll. I will have to check my respooling onto the 620 spindles next time.

    My software for my cannon 8400F flat bed scanner doesn't seem to load onto windows 7.

    Please help!

    Can anyone suggest a free or otherwise software which is good for copying negatives and slides???

    my old software was great and i may look to the same company if needed.

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    Hey robz, that's no good.
    Start by looking here, and then there's this place
    The 1st one has Win 7 64-bit listed in the drop menu.
    If you're running 32 bit and can't find one you may have to try a 32-bit Vista driver (though, shudder!!).
    Have you tried telling the prog to run in (presumably) Win XP mode?
    PS: I don't think a "free" software package would work because it would need the appropriate TWAIN driver - ie, for Win 7.
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    CC, Image editing OK.

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