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Thread: Can you please recommend website design and hosting with a ext

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    Can you please recommend website design and hosting with a ext

    I am wanting to start my own website although im not ready for it to be published i like to be organised and have it sitting there for when i feel that i am and as im about to start PB im hoping in around a year or so im ready to publish the site. Im sort of going through a check list of what i need to accomplish, which some of these things dont need to be done until a long way down the track but i like to be prepared and consistant.
    I am wanting a ext and am aware that i need to register for an ABN which i will be doing when their site is back up and running. As im not going to be using the site at the moment i dont want to be paying huge fees each month so am hoping a max of $10 per month. I am also wanting web design that i can do with their templates etc like weebly.

    I have had a look at some of the older posts but cant find what im after.

    Thank you so much
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    Photomerchant might be an option for you
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    AP advertisers

    Photo merchant, as Mark said, and all advertise with AP
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