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Thread: Your best/worst experiences with a professional photographer (or business)

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    Your best/worst experiences with a professional photographer (or business)

    Often we get clients into our portrait studio who tell us they have had a 'bad' experience with another photographer or studio. I don't like to talk through other peoples negative business with clients when they are in my studio because their whole time here should be a positive one.

    I don't want this thread to be about 'a friend of a friend of mine had this happen' but I'd love for you guys to share what you've loved and hated about dealing with, specifically portrait studios/photographers.

    The hope being that we can learn from each other to improve the way we do what we do.

    Obviously there is no need to name names


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    i am closing this thread. Any comment made is just one persons opinion, and we have no way of knowing or proving the facts.

    To the OP, please read the site rules, this is bordering on breaching the rules regarding members with less than 50 posts not being allowed to complain about products/services/people etc on this site.
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