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Thread: DIY project~ replace AA betteries with 6volt torch battery

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    DIY project~ replace AA betteries with 6volt torch battery

    G'day all

    For some time now I have been concerned regarding using the usual AA batteries for studio-flash work - where the flash units are 'on' for 2-3 hours and where (often) rapid recycle times are needed. My problem is that the AA batteries start to lose their recycle-speed after about 40-50 flashes & after 100 flashes, I almost need a cuppa while waiting for the recharging to complete

    So this is a DIY project to replace the usual AA betteries with a 6volt large-capacity torch battery

    I have made it up as an A4 page doc for printing if you wish to keep a copy

    free image uploader

    For the strobists amongst us, I hope that this is useful ~ feedback appreciated
    Regards, Phil
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    But ... don't most flashes have an external power port?
    Why not just get the right connector for than and connect there?

    In the case of Pentax the external pack voltage is 9 (they recommend Alkalines not NiCd etc), vs 6 (well 4.8 in fact 4 x 1.2)
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    The Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries will give you rapid recycle times & for longer, compared to what you have here. Yes they cost about $20 but if it is portability you want & rapid recycle times, this is the way to go.

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