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Thread: Mauritius and South Africa - what kit would you take and what woul you leave

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    Mauritius and South Africa - what kit would you take and what woul you leave

    I am off for a trip I have been dreaming about for decades. I need to keep kit to below 10Kg. I was wanting to know if members would take a different combination of kit, if their major interest is wildlife and habitat with a few people action photos thrown in.

    camera pentax K7 and K5 plus one grip

    sigma 10mm 2.8 fisheye
    pentax 21mm, 35mm lt macro, 50mm 1.4, 100mm WR macro. All these pentax primes are very light.

    Sigma 50 -500 zoom
    pentax 18-55mm WR (for wet weather and expendable)

    Probably also take a canon G10 with underwater housing in a separate bag.

    Flashes 2 sigma 530 flashes (leave pentax flash and sigma ring flash which is very bulky at home) A good chance I will break at least one flash.

    My total kit is
    Pentax K10, K20, K7, K5, Pentax lens - 21mm, M28 mm,35 limited, 50 FA, 100macro WR, 18-55 WR, 50-135 Sigma lens 10 mm, 70 Macro, 10-20 mm, 17-70 mm, 70-300 mm, 50 -500 bigma, 1.4x, flashes (5) pentax and sigma including ring flash.

    Do you think I have the right mix?


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    Id take one body
    Sigma 50-500
    pentax 18-55

    that's it
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    G'day birdsRus

    As someone who is travelling for around 8 months each year, may I offer you my 2-bob's worth ...

    I think the list you have put out seems little different from a listing of your lens assets, not a considered evaluation of what-where-when & how you'll be travelling and photographing
    I can understand 2 bodies - "just-in-case" one dies ~ but a football-team of lenses is quite uncalled for and leaves yourself open for hijacking and losing the lot

    Take the 2 zooms and one flash and be done with it

    Regards, Phil
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    I spent 10 weeks in the UK June-August this year. I took 2 bodies and my 90mm macro I am into insects and flowers,.
    24-105mm for the scenery and 70-200 f/4 + 1.4 extender, one flash

    A wide angle lens and a telephoto will be plenty for you,
    Yes and two bodies as that way there is that spare plus you don't have to change lenses all the time and have to worry about dust bunnies on your sensor.

    Enjoy your holiday..

    I shoot with Canon And Olympus Cameras

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