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Thread: You say potatoes, I say potatoes!

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    You say potatoes, I say potatoes!

    I took this image early this year (2010) when there was a lot of smoke around from local bushfires. The scene really grabbed me, especially as the two blokes and the vehicle gave it some scale, and waiting the week or two for the smoke to clear would have presented a different picture (plants grow quickly 'round here and of course the blokes would have probably moved on!).

    The question is: can the haze be fixed or reduced (or even enhanced if it livens up the image) in post processing?

    The image luminance channel in LAB colour mode was sharpened, the only pp done so far.

    Any advice is very welcome.

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    HI Wakaleo. Yes, it can. If you have Adobe Photoshop try either...
    Levels: adjusting the shadows and midtones, or
    Shadow/Highlight (PS8 or higher): adjusting the highlights ( paying attention not to have too high tonal range) and midtone contrast.
    CC, Image editing OK.

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