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Thread: Photography courses in Adelaide?? What and Where is best??

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    Photography courses in Adelaide?? What and Where is best??

    Just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that does good Photography courses ?

    From very basic to advanced??

    Cheers Matt

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    Whilst a course can be a great way to learn, you have AP here to teach you as well. Considering in the more than six months you have been a member here, we have seen just one photo, of a budgie, that you got some great feedback on, yet we haven't seen a thing since. I reckon if you started posting more here, you would find you would learn a lot. From you budgie photo, I would suggest looking at the New To Photography forum, cause there is a lot to be learnt. I think any advanced photography course is outside the scope of your experience at this time.

    Courses can be worthwhile and provide valuable lessons, but you also need to put what you learn into practice, so start showing us that you have improved since the budgie shot, post more photos and learn from the feedback
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