Hi, just wondering if anyone knows somewhere in brisbane where you can buy 8x10" white photo slip in frames?

I tried frameshop.com.au which I found on another thread in this forum but they are in Sydney and I was hoping to pick some up in Brisbane.

I have found some that are $3.20 each but am looking for some a little cheaper if possible.

I just want to slip in a 5x7" photo into a frame (I belielve 8 x 10" is the normal overall frame size to fit the 5 x 7 print?) to display on a table on a plate stand or similar. Then I want to be able to put all the frames/prints into a box to give as a gift. This is for a friend of mine for her engagement party.

So Im also after a box to put the frames/photos into.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.