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Thread: lots of pieces, no knowledge

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    Question lots of pieces, no knowledge

    I am not exactly new to photography as I have enjoyed using a camera for many years but have never really looked into the technical aspects. Recently I inherited my Father's camera equipment and now I want to know how to really use all of the pieces.

    The camera (film) is an OM-1 F1-8 purchased in 1974, along with the camera there are the following
    the original Olympus lens 50mm
    Olympus 75-150mm lens
    Olympus teleconverter 2X-A 100mm F2.8, 135mmF2.8, 135mm F3.5 200mm F4, 200mm F5
    Panagor auto macro converter 1/50mm
    Soligor lens 1.8 30 mtre
    Sigma zoom master 70mm

    I hope the above descriptions make sense.

    Apart from the original lens
    does it make sense to have all the others
    how do they work in conjunction with each other i.e. what sort of combinations can you use
    in what situations do you use the various pieces

    I also use an Olympus digital SP-56ouz and it has been interesting taking the same subject with both of the cameras

    I look forward to any and all advice
    Thank you

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    The OM-1 is a wonderful film camera with a great reputation as one of the finest 35m film bodies ever made.
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    Agree with Rick. Mongo had the use of one for a while some years ago - great camera. The original "Zuiko" lenses (Olympus' own brand) that came with it and for about 10- 15 years after that, are just sensational.
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