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Thread: TC-16A

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    Digging thru my old 35mm gear I came across a teleconverter, my D50 handbook says its not compatable, I remenber hearing a long time ago that there is a modification possible to make it work on DSLR type cameras.any info greatly appreciated

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    Depends . Does it physically mount on the body (it should) and lens ? Mongo thinks that it should. Mongo has modified his 14EII and 20EIII in about 20 minutes each to fit older AIs lenses. However, your TC is already an older TC and Mongo cannot understand why it would need modification.

    Sometimes the compatibility charts say something is not compatible. This is NOT always true – it depends what they mean by not compatible and this varies in many cases. Mongo would just try it if he were you but be sure that the elements on the TC do not come into physical contact with the elements of any lens you try on it. It is possible the auto focus will not work

    Sometimes the older TCs will not work on some modern lenses because the modern lenses have an electronic control over the aperture blades. The older TCs sometimes do not have all the electronic contact points which connect to the aperture blade system of some modern lenses and so the lens aperture will not “open” any bigger than its minimum F stop making it useless.
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    I remember this old fella as a topic of interest a few years back.

    I'd bookmarked a page with the relevant conversion information if you need it, but the only incompatibility is that the pin layout is different, and AF may or may not work in some instances.
    There should be no mounting issues, only that if the lens is a CPU type(any modern, some older types).. the camera may need to work only in full manual mode.

    The TC-16A does have the contacts, but as it was an in-between manual-auto focus era, the pin layout was a bit different.

    See This link to foolography for more info, and the how to on how to convert the pin layout to the more modern type.

    EDIT! AhA!! .. I went back and re-read that link I posted, and then it all came back to me.. why I bookmarked that page in the first place!

    These TC's can turn a manual focus lens into an (semi)auto focus lens!!

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