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Thread: Event Day Photography Workflow + Set up

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    Event Day Photography Workflow + Set up

    Hello All, I thought this might be an interesting topic to some and it would certainly help me through the next few weeks.

    I have several Horse events where i am the event photographer so i plan to capitalise on this opportunity and set up a viewing area at the grounds for people to be able order photo's. Like many people on here do already.

    However this is my first time at doing this so i would greatly appreciate any advice, info or even constructive criticism in my workflow and set up as i am sure it will help many other people down the track. I will update this post with added idea's regularly.

    The event is a two day horse trials, first day equestrian and second the cross country/jumping (what i am really going for) so here is what i thought;

    The Set-Up

    - I will be using a horse float for the 'office' where the photo's are viewed. So the desk will be sitting at the edge of the horse float so that many people can see the screen with the images. This also allows people to walk up onto the ramp to ask questions to the person manning the 'office'.

    - There will be myself (obviously) taking the photo's of the events and then one lady working behind the desk who will take the questions, orders etc etc

    - I plan on having a large 32" tv screen connected to a laptop to allow people to view the photo's of the event, each photo will have a unique ID on it for people to remember. Is it best to have more then one screen going at a time?
    As well as this i will have two separate viewing booths for people to look at photo's of a particular horse. These will most likely be on 23" screens

    - A week before the first event i am having a 'practice shoot' with a friend and their horse to get photographs that i will then print off in different formats, banners, posters etc as an example of what is available.

    - For ordering i was going to have cash and credit orders on the day which unfortunately has to be done by hand as i do not have the facilities to do it electronically (for credit card that is) The orders will be using an order sheet that i have yet to put together although will be like most other systems. They are also available to purchase the products online after the event.

    My work-flow is i would assume much similar to those that already do it, as i have read a bit about other peoples options.

    1) I take photographs for a number of horses/turns depending on how the event runs
    2) I then take the card to my 'office' where i will give it to my 'office lady' who will upload the photo's while i am off at the next turns with a new card
    3) The 'office lady' then sorts through the photo's, deleting the bad, sorting them by name (she is involved in horses so know's the riders) and displays them all on the screen
    4) Repeat steps 1-3

    Obviously this seems rather simple however this is my first time doing it so i know that i have missed out a lot.

    If you have any additions, comments, suggestions, ideas or anything at all please make your voice heard as i do appreciate any help that i can get.

    *just note that this is a low budget thing as i am a student and money is not easily accessible so try keep it reasonably low*

    Thank you for your time!

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    First step,

    Arrange a minimum $10,000,000 public liability insurance policy to cover you and your 'employee'.
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