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Thread: Which Cokin filters should I buy?

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    Which Cokin filters should I buy?

    So I'm heading to New Zealand in just over a week, and I've decided it's a good excuse to start investing in some landscape filters. P series ND grads are what I'm looking at mainly (and perhaps a full ND or two).

    I'm a bit confused by the various names and numbers though...from the Cokin book...

    120 Graduated Grey G1
    121 Graduated Grey G2 (ND8)
    121L Grad. Neutral Grey G2 Light (ND2)
    121M Grad neutral Grey G2 Med (ND4)
    121S Grad Neutral Grey G2 Soft (ND8)
    121F Grad Neutral Grey G2 Full (ND8)

    From what I gather, the 121F has the graduation right from the bottom....what's that used for, photos where you're focussing on the sky with only a little bit of foreground?

    What about 120/1 – are they any use, as it doesn't say 'neutral' grey?

    Also, I believe Cokin doesn't make hard edged ND grads – can anybody recommend a compatible filter that does, or should I be able to make do just with the soft edges?

    Lee filters are way out of my price range, and Hitech filters would take too long to arrive, so P series filters will be sufficient for now.

    Probably looking at getting ND2, 4 and 8 – I know I could stack the 2 and 4, but that isn't an option if I'm using the Wide Angle holder for my Sigma 10-22

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    Probably not much help but i have Hitech Grads and ND's. (and yes they do take ages to arrive)

    When used on my wide (11mm) i probably use the grads more...
    On 18mm I use one of each..
    Mostly use .6 and .9 of each.
    Don't really use .3 much (Hitech grads are long and I just slide up or down a bit to change)...

    Not sure about stacking on the sigma but on my Tokina i bought 2 knock off holders off ebay and modified them to fit like the bayonet mount hood does..(its a bit of fiddling and patience).
    Wide angle holder still showed in frame but this solved the problem for me...

    Sorry cant be of more help

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