I am wanting to explore the world of off-camera flash and go on to proper studio lighting. I currently have a 580EX canon flash and some umbrellas to play with and am looking at remote triggers to get the flash working while off camera.

At this stage I'm thinking the Cybersyncs look good for the price and have only read good things about them. I want something that will be able to expand into a full lighting kit down the track, so even though its overkill for just my flash, I was thinking of getting the Cybersync Commander. For my flash I was going to get the CSRB Trigger Receiver.

Then later on get some Einstein lights with Cybersync Transceivers.

Essentially my question is whether everything will be compatible with each other.

Do I need an adapter for the Cybersync Receiver to go on my flash?

Will I be able to use my flash and one/some Einsteins as I build my kit?

And control all their power levels manually from the Cybersync Commander?

Does anyone have a better suggestion as to what I should do?

Thanks in advance