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Thread: Images for Roo

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    Images for Roo

    Hey Roo
    2 images for you to look at. The cupcake is possibly one of my favorites as I had so much fun setting up the lights and getting my vision.
    The girl in the garden is one that I like, but done awhile ago, and I need to learn to do this type of portrait better

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi Karen,

    Sorry for the delay in getting to this.....

    I will start with the Cupcake. I really like this shot!

    Lovely subject and nice crisp cupcake
    You have a good depth of field
    It is generally well lit
    It looks really yummie...can I join you for afternoon tea!
    It is pretty well composed!

    Did you use a tripod for it or was it handheld? Why did you shoot at 250mm? Was this intentional? I see that you used shutter priority, why did you do this rather than Aperture priorty?

    I can see the reflection of the light source in the cutlery, which is distracting. I would have used some kind of reflector, such as a mirror or piece of white card if you don't have reflector.

    I would have liked a lower angle but that is neither here nor there, but it wold have been nice to have the whole tea plate in. I am assuming this was taken indoors. Did you use auto white balance or did you choose cloudy?

    Generally this is a good shot. I am just trying to find out how much you understood about what you did and how this was taken.


    p.s I will come back to the portrait.
    Call me Roo......
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