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Thread: ants and macro

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    Quote Originally Posted by ving View Post
    found this guide to shooting ants that might come in handy for those who like shooting them
    thanks for the site..
    great idea...

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    Good stuff. I've tried on many occassions to take ant photos but have never been successful. Maybe this will help.

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    Good tips.


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    Just read this post today.
    Funny, I was playing around with my Canon 60mm macro yesterday, and took a short video of some ants at work in my backyard.
    I saw a small line of them, and so I put down a piece of food from my cats' bowl, and watched them go at it.
    Looks small on you-tube, but the full file is amazingingly clear.
    Sorry for the bad focus, as i was handholding the camera and adjustingthe focus manually.
    Next time, I'll use a smaller lens opening to get better DOF.
    All my photos are taken with recycled pixels.
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    Got to try this one day. Good tips, thanks.
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