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Thread: Best way to calibrate nikon lenses?

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    Best way to calibrate nikon lenses?

    Hi guys have just been shooting some shallow dof shots and have a sneaky suspicion that a couple of my lenses are consistantly missing focus in af . Does anybody have any tips or advice on using the Nikon AF fine tune feature before I give it ago?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts


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    what camera? Some of the recent Nikon cameras allow you to micro adjust the AF for individual lenses. You will need to be able to test each lens to see if it is front or back focusing then if your camera allows, you fine tune it in the camera. The Camera will remember the setting needed for several lenses.

    This guide will give you a good background into how to do it:

    Some older cameras, the only way is to get a camera clinic to manually adjust it and they would need both lens and camera to do so. It can be attempted at home, if you are game to try it, but you need some fine screwdrivers and a good understanding of what you are doing.
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    Give us more details and maybe we can help.

    post an image or two of the situation, with good 50% to 100%(pixel size) crops as well.

    If the lens in question is a zoom, using AF Fine Tune may actually be counter productive.
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