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    Canon 70-200 F/2.8 IS USM Mk II

    I am looking at getting a new ##### I want the 70-200mm but just want to know if it is worth forking out for the new Mk II version of this ##### that has been released. Apart from the dollar what is the difference in the two?

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    Hi Firefly. I cant talk on the new version, but I have the old 70-200 2.8is L and believe me its a superb lens. The quality of shots and build are magnificent. Yea, its a bit heavy but gee, you soon forget that when shooting.
    Good luck on your decision.
    Cheers Peter
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    Hi Firefly, l'm looking as you are ..and the Canon website has a PDF on that new Lens stating at Canon distribution dealers in March, early prices indicate around close to $2,800-3000+

    Would be good to know if it's worth it and anybody tried it in store or otherwise!?

    otherwise 70-200 L IS USM Lens Mk1 is around $2100-2200 in melb store.
    is it worth the upgrade and when is it available?


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    aaarrrrr decisions decisions my husband tells me to get it I asked at a camera shop today what the main diff was and he said sharper focus so that is making me want to go all out and get it. Now all i need to do is win the lotto

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefly View Post
    aaarrrrr decisions decisions my husband tells me to get it .....


    .... so that is making me want to go all out and get it. Now all i need to do is win the lotto

    I think there's a slight misunderstanding here.

    Husbands don't care if you spend money on camera gear(as evidenced by your comment that he says to get it).... Wives do!

    Now!!.. had the genders been reversed.. winning the lottery is the least of your troubles here. Getting it past the wife is a challenge you don't want to have to deal with in real life
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    there is a useful review of the MKII here

    I currently own the MKI so in no real hurry to upgrade, but it appears this is an overall better performing lens so if buying new I would seriously consider it. Only downside I see is it's considerably more expensive and 20g heavier.


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    News has it that there's a bit of a shortage from Canon for this fine piece of glass. It appears they underestimated how popular it would be (although with the huge popularity of the MkI version, I would have thought thay would have guessed). Anyway, Canon Japan are in full production to get a lot more units out to potential customers.

    Firefly, this might just be the break you're looking for... some time to save for the new beast.
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    Can't comment on the MkII version of the 70-200 f2.8L IS, but I used to have the f4.0 non-IS and later bought the f2.8L IS which I still have and love both, hard to see how they could improve much on the older designs, extra $1000 just worries me a bit???
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    Not sure if you have already bought the lens but definitely save up and buy the MKII version.

    I've tried the MKI before in the store, but when I tried on the MKII yesterday, I decided to swipe the card and get this awesome piece of lens straight away. Don't know about the others but I really did see the difference in sharpness between the two.

    The MKI was sharp, but not all round sharp, but I took a test photo of the MKII it was sharp all round and that really sold me. Is it worth the $1000 more than the MKI? With the global shortage (not impossible to get one but can be hard) at the moment, yes it is worth it. But of course it would makes more sense when the price drops a little, but it will be very difficult to predict when, it can be a year or more before the price drops a little.

    However, be aware especially with the ongoing drop in Aus currency value, importing costs will be higher, all I can see is pricing increase in the near future.
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    Hi Edgar,

    Was looking at get the MKII lens as well. How is yours going? can you post some pics please.
    also if you dont mind me asking, how much and where did you buy it from?
    As l might get one this week fingers crossed


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    Sorry for the late reply

    This is the shot I took recently from the Autosalon Car Show in Adelaide. Taken using my recently departed 50D.

    The only post-processing done was the heavy vignette to blacken the background, everything else is as is out of the camera in jpeg.

    I got it from Twin City Camera House Adelaide (Currie St. store), got it for $3200 back in June.

    Just go for it, you will love it.
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    I gave hubby my 70-200mm f2.8L IS lens and then I upgraded to the MKII. Mind you I just love that lens to bits and never let me down. Barely discarded any images taken with that lens - oh and my biceps are pretty big now for a girl

    I have found the MKII seems a lot brighter and definitely sharper. Worth every cent.

    Only problems were to buy extended warranty. Canon or shops will not issue this for any products over $2999.00 Phoned Canon and they told me to go to
    Has anyone out there found another source for extended warranty for products >3K?

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