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Thread: Strobist Lighting Setup Explained - Using Speedlights, white balance & gels

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    Strobist Lighting Setup Explained - Using Speedlights, white balance & gels

    Here is a little video explaining in full, the lighting setup I used for one of my latest photoshoots, being the Blue Gene band photoshoot. It should be a good little insight for those starting out with off camera flash and hopefully the hardcore strobist enthusiasts out there might learn something too.

    I show you how I used 5 Canon speedlights to light an entire scene wirelessly using the built in master/slave modes of the speedlights. I also show how I used my white balance and gels to create a cool blue effect.

    here is one of the photos I explain the lighting setup for:

    I take you through the complete lighting diagram.

    The concepts apply to Canon and Nikon wireless flash units. I use Canon in this example.

    Post any questions and i'll try my best to answer them!

    Also let me know if it was helpful to you, and what else you would like to see. It you want more explanation on the simpelr things, or more in depth technical stuff.
    Reason being is I'm doin a lot more of these videos/write-ups.

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