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Thread: There are good people in Software Land

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    There are good people in Software Land

    Back in 2008 when I purchased my MacBook Pro I started the search for good quality but lightweight software for viewing and editing images. Coming from PC land I was looking for an equivalent to ACDSee which I still use today on my work PC. CS3 was always going to be the heavy duty editor but I needed something in between. Aynway to cut a long story short I purchased an application called Iris (the eye, not the flower) and this morning I got the following in my mail inbox

    Dear Mark,

    We have been thinking long and hard about the future of Iris.

    When we started work on Iris back in 2007 we wanted an accesible, easy-to-use image editor but there was nothing available. Today there are four good image editors available for the Mac.

    Acorn from Flying Meat Software is one of these applications. I think it is a fantastic program and the pick of the bunch. It has garnered much praise and admiration and rightfully so. It won this years Macworld Editors' Choice award.

    If Acorn had existed back in 2007 we never would have started work on Iris. It solves perfectly the problem of an accessible, easy-to-use image editor for the Mac.

    I have no desire to compete with Acorn. Acorn's approach and Iris' approach are fundamentally the same. As such Iris doesn't add anything to the marketplace. It can only be a "me too" app overcrowding the marketplace.

    Given this I have decided to cease development of Iris. Gus Mueller, the founder of Flying Meat Software, has very generously offered anyone who has purchased Iris a free Acorn license.

    To claim your Acorn license please use the following form:

    You will need to enter your Iris license number. It is: ?????????? (no you cant see the access code - I took it out (MarkW)

    Thank you for your support.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards,
    Matthew Drayton
    I am actually stunned and this seems to be a legitimate offer. Iris didn't have to do this, they could have just faded into obscurity like so many other software developers have when somebody does something better, faster or with more bells and whistles. This guy actually seems to care about customers who had purchased his application - what a novel idea, caring, something you just don't see in software - Please take note Adobe.

    Yes yes If its too good to be true.............. Fear not I shall be checking back at the Iris website and legitimacey of the code supplied when compared to the original application ID code. If all of this does prove to be a legitimate offer then there truely are good people out there in software land.

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    Well done! Nice to see this sort of sensible approach.
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    I'd be interested in your opinion of Acorn, if it turns out to be legit.

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