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Thread: Using the Site Sponsors and Advertising Forum

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    Using the Site Sponsors and Advertising Forum

    This forum is for information/discussion regarding the Ausphotography Site Sponsors and advertisers. It will contain information regarding site rules and requirements in relation to commercial promotion on Ausphotography.

    It will also be available for site members, sponsors and advertisers to post feedback to each other on services and products.

    Terms and Conditions of use of this forum:

    All Ausphotography Forum Rules apply

    For Sponsors and Advertisers

    * Existing Ausphotography sponsors and advertisers are welcome to create discussion threads here. Specific Specials, advertisements and offers can be posted in this forum, rather than the Classifieds forum. For companies/persons to advertise/promote their products and business(es) in the Site Sponsors and Advertising forum, they must have an advertising contract with Ausphotography in place, prior to placing the ad.

    * Site Sponsors and Advertisers should not ‘hijack’ another sponsor or advertisers thread, or discussion about another site sponsor or advertiser.

    * If you do not have a current advertising contract you cannot promote yourself on Ausphotography. You can however contact me ( ) to discuss advertising on the site. We do not allow commercial promotion anywhere on the site without an advertising contract.

    For Ausphotography Members

    * Ausphotography members are welcome to post threads discussing advertisers and the dealings with them.

    * If you have a complaint or issue, discuss it directly with the site sponsor and advertiser first. Threads that do not meet this requirement will be removed. Breaches of this rule could see your site access restricted or removed.

    * Threads that are about other providers (not site sponsors) should not be placed in this forum. The F-Stop forum is more appropriate for them.

    * Members with under 30 days membership and 50 posts cannot post complaints. Join in, build up a reputation on Ausphotography and then your views will be allowed. This rule is in place as we have had members join and their first post is a complaint about service from somewhere, and then often post a link to another site, where they say they got great service, etc. As a new member we have no way of determining if you work for the company you are saying is better, or what relationship you may have with either company (you could be a disgruntled ex-employee for example).

    * Threads and posts should contain accurate and truthful information. If there is a dispute over the accuracy or truthfulness of any information provided, the post/thread will be removed. Further action may be taken depending on the seriousness of the issue(s).

    * Members are not to post in an advertisers thread, discussing cheaper deals elsewhere, posting about purchasing elsewhere, etc. Please contact the advertiser directly, to discuss discounts, price matching etc. Any post that does not relate to the specific advertiser and their offer, will be removed.
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