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Thread: eBay Experience

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    ive never had any bad experiences on ebay...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bxaftw View Post
    ive never had any bad experiences on ebay...
    Either have I.
    But then I've never bought or sold any anything on eBay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark L View Post
    Either have I.
    But then I've never bought or sold any anything on eBay.
    Best way to be.
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    I've bought quite a few things on eBay - including some camera gear. My rule is to alwyas pay with PayPal as they claim to refund money in some circumstances if the seller defaults. When selling I always wait until the payment is completed before shippin the item. So far - no problems. It just pays to be cautious!
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    I am still buying loads of things on eBay. My last purchase was from the UK and the current australian dollar made my item an even better bargain.
    I purchased a hardly used WFT-E1 wireless unit for my EOS 5D. The previous owner did not know how to get it to work. Not only did I get it at 1/4 the price, it still has warranty (in the UK), came with the additional aerial, 4 additional batteries and loads of other add ons. eBay is a great place to find things for all sorts of reasons. Go eBay !!!!

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    i just sold my 50 d with all the gear with it and a 18-55 is with card
    i paid the insurance up to a grand because they dont have in between and registered the mail
    and the buyer recieved it within two days and i could watch it where it was in the systym
    i had it advertised on other sites and no bites
    cheers macca

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    My husband bought my Nikon D7000 from a store in Melbourne from eBay and also my remote, although I am not sure where that came from (both brand new). In both cases everything went very smoothly and we were very happy. The only negative thing we could say about the experience was the box for my remote became a little squashed in the post, but that is hardly a eBay problem. We were particularly impressed with the camera - We ordered it Friday at lunchtime and had it by mid-morning Monday. My husband did a lot of research where he bought it from, of course, and we had no problem whatsoever. I'll admit, I was nervous, I'm still an old fashioned girl, I like to hold something before I buy it, you know, in an actual shop, my husband is far more modern and orders a lot of things over the net - It certainly worked out very well for us! I have a shiny new D7000 and a infrared remote to go with it
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    Must say, even my "bad" experiences on ebay have turned out good.. lol .. mainly cheap items from china (like lens caps/remotes/filters etc) the sellers are happy to resend the item if the initial one doesnt arrive .. or not work...
    biggest purchase would have been our 300D 6-7 years ago - it has done us well
    - Daz
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    Ive tended to use eBay for used but near mint goods, with caution... Including a pentax prime retailing for about $1700 locally I got for about half that (and is perfect) as well as another 'floor' model that did have some problems, but with repairs was still far less than retail price.
    Beyond that, generally cheap or hard to find stuff has been fine to date.
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    These days there are a lot of reputable companies on ebay. So the chance of getting a dud is probably less than it use to be. Everything I have bought has been good, weather new or secondhand
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    I can only add the often repeated warnings re caution.
    At least 90% of my bag is eBay bargain buys.
    Whenever possible I pick up and pay cash - most genuine sellers are happy to avoid PayPal fees and postage hassles.
    When using PayPal and other interweb purchases I prefer to use a debit card a/c with a balance only a few dollars over the purchase price.
    Should the details get hacked only a few dollars can be scammed at any other time.
    My best deal was on a body which I was unable to put my best bid on but was offered "second chance" deal later when the sucessful bidder did not pay the desperate seller.

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    I have bought a number of different items from Ebay and never had any problems. I always check out the sellers feedback.

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    Steer clear of an outfit called GimmeDigi out of HK ....

    Recently I paid for an item using PayPal, and got confirmation of receiving my payment from GimmeDigi.
    After three days my order hadnt been dispatched so I asked what the problem was, they replied all was ok and I would be informed of progress.
    Another day went by and still nothing so I contacted them again with the same reply, I told them that if my order wasnt dispatched that day I would be informing PayPal.
    Later that day (a Friday) I received confirmation that my order had been dispatched - I thought they were stalling as nothing much can be acheived on weekends.
    My threat obviously had worked because the item arrived on Monday morning 'premium express' - the original deal was 'free postage' which suggested 21 days via China Post after being dispatched.
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    I bought a new grey import D90 on ebay... never had any issues since I've owned it.

    More recently I bought a second hand 18-200 Nikkor lens, which turned out to be faulty. It was from a reputable seller though, and they were happy to give me my money back.

    Main lesson is, always check feedback ratings.

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    I've had a couple of non arrivals on ebay.

    There are two rules to stick by -

    • Always pay with payal
    • Start a complaint before the 45 day period has ended.

    Do that and paypal will reimburse you.

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    I've done my fair share of buying and selling on eBay. Most have been good! Besides a few very-poor-quality but also very cheap items from China (it didn't bother me), I only remember having one bad experience:

    I bought MS Office 2010 (listed as physical goods, genuine) from an Australia seller, but soon afterwards I received an email from eBay saying they suspected copyright infringement so they removed the listing. I had already paid (via paypal), so I emailed the seller to see how things were going and waited... no reply and nothing arrived. I opened an eBay buyer protection case. After some time they emailed me saying:
    Your case is open, and we wanted to check in with you to see if the issue has been resolved.
    We encourage you to contact your seller to work things out.

    If you were able to work this out with the seller, you can close this case in the Resolution Center.

    If we don't hear back from you by Jan 18, 2012, we'll assume you've worked out this issue and your case will automatically close.

    There were no further instructions on how they wanted to hear back from me, so I replied to the email saying I haven't heard from the seller.

    On the 19th of January I received an email from eBay saying "This case was automatically closed because there hasn't been any recent activity on it. You don't need to do anything else." I asked about the case but from there only received automated messages saying "Thanks for your message. The case you contacted us about was closed after we made a final decision on it. We'll review your question or concern and get back to you within 72 hours." No, they didn't get back to me.

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    I made a complaint to eBay to get some negative feedback removed (buyer of a camera made a fuss because he bought the wrong camera - not my problem). PayPal/eBay dispute resolution found in my favour, but the buyer had already left negative feedback venting his frustration (which was completely out of line as I had done nothing wrong - which PayPal agreed with!) So I asked eBay to remove the negative feedback, got the automated reply "we'll get back to you within 72 hours". Nothing for a week or so and I forgot about it...

    About 6 months later I got a message from eBay saying that the negative feedback had been removed.

    So they do eventually get around to things, but I guess there's lots of problems that they have to deal with and seems like there's a massive backlog... so don't hold your breath! (Even though they probably will eventually get to it.)

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    ebay just makes me nervous. I've heard a lot of horror stories over the years about people being scammed, or scam attempts, so I tend to avoid ebay as much as I can. That said, there are times when the only thing you can do, is buy from ebay. In that case I try to go for buy it now sellers with lots of positive feedback and who arent just selling one item. Most recent purchase was 2 spare batteries for my Olympus XZ-1. Can buy anywhere yes, but 2 for $6... nah. Only on ebay. I won't sell on there, but thats because I won't post out. Like some others, I prefer to sell on gumtree to people I can see, and who can see the goods for themselves before handing over their hard earned.
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    /One other thing to watch with Camera purchases from E bay or other Grey Dealers, I wanted a particular Olympus Camera, and found some really good prices on E bay, but after doing my sums was told by Olympus, That to purchase an olympus camera Other than from a registered Olympus dealer in Australia, NO Warranty whatsoever And had to show proof of the dealer it was purchased from. So, had to buy from a local dealer, and pay more (

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    Re: eBay Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloke View Post
    That to purchase an olympus camera Other than from a registered Olympus dealer in Australia, NO Warranty whatsoever And had to show proof of the dealer it was purchased from. So, had to buy from a local dealer, and pay more (
    All Olumpus gear comes with a 12 month international warranty but it is only honoured in countries that take part in the scheme. Olympus Australia does not take part in the scheme. Nice one Olympus Australia.

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