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Thread: Off Topic Forum : Rules and Usage : Effective 18th January 2010

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    Off Topic Forum : Rules and Usage : Effective 18th January 2010

    The off-topic forum has been the one recently that has caused the most site rule breaches and often members have verged on personal attacks with their replies. The off topic forum is a secondary forum as it is not related to photography.

    Therefore effective immediately the following rules will apply to off-topic forum

    1. All Ausphotography site rules apply.

    2. Each member will be entitled to start ONE thread per 24 hour period in off-topic. (ie, if you start a thread at 8.13 am today, you cannot create another one till after 8.13am tomorrow)

    3. Personal ‘soapbox’ threads/posts will be removed. If a member repeatedly raises the same issue over and over, the posts/threads will be removed.

    4. Keep it civil. Others may have differing views to your own. They are entitled to their views. Discuss the topic, and do not attack or vilify a person for their view.

    5. If you quote statistics, evidence, or a person/expert on the topic, as part of your thread/post, include a link to those statistics, evidence, quotes.

    6. Posts must be informative and conducive to a healthy discussion/debate.

    7. RESPECT other members views and opinions.

    Depending on the severity of any rule breach, the following will apply.

    1. Warning
    2. Banning individual member's access to the off-topic forum completely for set time periods
    3. Banning individual member's from accessing the entire Ausphotography site for set time periods
    4. Banning individual member's permanently from Ausphotography.

    Action will not necessarily be taken in the order 1-4. Each incident will be assessed on the severity of the rule breach and any of the above could be applied.

    These rules are subject to change. This thread will be 'stickied' at the top of the off topic forum shortly.
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