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Thread: Develop your film in Coffee

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    Develop your film in Coffee

    Noticed this posted on an OS forum and thought that some here may like to try it- PS isn't a joke either

    Developing In Coffee
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    Awesome find, Cat. Not sure I'd go through the hassle, even if I had the gear. But it sure is interesting as an experiment.
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    I reckon. And if you run out if developer . . . Wonder what the longevity is?

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    Now that would be useful if you could just drink the contents afterwards.... might help those late night developing sessions.

    Interesting find though..
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    I wonder if you'd get better quality negs if you used Mocona or some other higher end brand

    Love this kind of 'useless info' .. makes me want to buy a roll of film.... just to see it work.

    .. now, where's Kryzs
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    lol not sure you could drink it Andrew with the washing soda in it lol

    Be interesting to see how this was discovered did he spill some coffee on a some film or something lol

    Thought people might be interested in it and try it - be good see results

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    I don't want brown reels. Use stainless steel tanks for this one.

    arthurking83, given the effort people goto for this method (scanning them is hard, printing is usually fine) you may as well goto a supply store and make your own developer

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    Doesn't make any sense to me, after all, I usually drink coffee while editing photos. That way I get printable colour images and a good hit of caffeine.

    That bloke misses the coffee boost, has to sit around with note pads and timers and still ends up with photos that look they came from a real camera (digital) that had been left sitting in a Nullarbor dust storm with the lens off.

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    I wouldn't bet on the results. But you can use coffee for toning darkroom prints.
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