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Thread: Thinking of the Gimp again

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    Thinking of the Gimp again

    Howdy All,

    About 3 years ago, I tried the Gimp, to see how it would compare to the Cs2 that I was using at the time. While it wasn't too bad, CS2 won out due to useability.

    I have now noticed I am about 3 releases behind (my version is 2.2)

    Has anyone here started using 2.6? Is it getting better to use? I am trying to decide whether I want to download it and try it out again.


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    I'm pretty happy with GIMP - for what it is. It doesn't stack up to CSx, but it does work fine. There are still some issues that need to be addressed (16 bit support for one is still in its experimental stages) but it's quite usable as it is. Do compare it to Elements though, not to CS.

    I'm on 2.6.7 which is pretty stable. Development is very slow at the moment.
    Ciao, Joost

    All feedback is highly appreciated!

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