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Thread: Sunrise and sunsets

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    Ditto to the above comments, well done. I live in a city in the north of China, and the sun disappears into the smog zone about 10 degrees above the horizon, and after that it's pretty well over - the pollution is too dense to allow much reflective bathing of clouds etc. There's a useful piece of software available for download known as 'The Photographer's Ephemeris' (, will tell you sunrise & sunset & moon phases based on your location.
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    I love sunset photos, the pink, oranges, blues, etc that emit along the sky. I just love it

    I'm never up early enough for a sunrise though hehe..

    Thanks for the write up, I'm heading out after work to see what I can do! I've tried a few, but I have more time tonight than I usually do. yay!

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    Fully endorse the tip to look around and behind you. I was down the beach last weekend to capture the sunset and turned 90 degrees and there was a storm forming. Shooting away from the sunset or with the light coming in from the side gave me my most satisfying shots of the day.

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    Very Useful Info For Beginners , Love The Pics!
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