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Thread: Mithrandir's Lightroom Presets: Step-By-Step

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    Mithrandir's Lightroom Presets: Step-By-Step

    The One-Step Preset (previously posted) automatically develops a photo with just one click. It usually does a great job of getting you close to the results you are looking for in your photo. Because it does everything simultaneously, some compromises are necessary. If you would like to take a little more time to get the best possible results, then this series of presets is for you. The readme file steps you through the STEP-BY-STEP process. Because you do things one step at a time with this process, you can achieve more accurate results. Not to fear, however, this is still a quick process. Once you have used it for a photo (in a sequence under similar conditions) you can create your own custom preset to apply to subsequent shots in the sequence.
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