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Thread: Photo printer

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    Photo printer

    In the past, I always thought no printer could match the price / performance from commercial printing companies. And I think they still can't. However, since I've joined a camera club, I tend to print single photo's much more than I used to. Up to now, I usually saved up a batch, sent that to the printer and the next day *presto* the prints fell on my doormat). Single photo print jobs tip the scale to printing at home it seems.

    Anyway, I'm a sucker for B/W photography. According to, the Canon Pixma Pro 9500 mark II offers the best dynamic range by far. Okay, the thing is slow as a snail but I don't care about that. What does worry me a bit though is they talk about the deep blue colors not being very good. Now, that could depend on ink / paper combination or just the printer they tested with.

    Anyone here has any experience with the Canon Pro 9500II? Does it show problems with deep blue and if so, how serious are these problems?
    Ciao, Joost

    All feedback is highly appreciated!

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    Hi Joost,
    this may not help at all, and please note I'm a beginner.
    I've recently invested a (very) modest sum for a Canon iP4700 pixma printer with a continuous ink flow system attached. Using 270gsm glossy photo paper the results have been amazing.
    Surprisingly an A4 prints in around 30-40 seconds.
    The best part is the cartridges never need to be changed, the ink in the continuous flow bottles is equivalent to 12 sets of cartridges.
    I compared colour prints (sorry, haven't tried B/W) of the same photo on this printer and from a photolab (they used fuji paper) and have to say I've been stunned. The 270gsm paper is thicker than the fuji provided by the lab and the quality is at least as good if not better (I can't tell the difference at A4 size the 270gsm paper is fantastic).
    I've been printing away very happily.
    BTW, printer, continuous ink system and ink (equivalent to 12 sets of cartridges) cost me $300.
    The 270gsm paper $0.65 per A4 page.

    Canon 7D
    Canon 17-55mm f2.8 IS, 55-250mm IS, 50mm f1.8II

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