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Thread: fruit bats

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    fruit bats

    Got all excited when I found these critters up in the palm tree.
    Lousy pics but might try and get som decent ones now I know they are there. Not sure how I would go about it though so any ideas gratefully accepted.
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    Yes, they blend in, don't they. There is a fair bit of noise in them.

    My only suggestion is lots of bracketing. What type of flash are you using. If it is on camera a diffuser may help (or may make it worse). Someone more knowledgeable re flash etc will come along and help you out, I'm sure.

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    Try using a higher ISO, 400 (which these are) is a bit low if it's dark

    Cute things though
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    Hmmm never thought of that. Was to excited at seeing them to think straight.

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