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Thread: More analogue shooting q's: swapping backs mid-roll

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    More analogue shooting q's: swapping backs mid-roll

    Another analogue newbie question here hehe.
    On a contax 645, which has removable backs, is it safe to change backs mid-roll.
    The backs have a dark slide that needs to be engaged before the backs can come off and I presume this is adequate to prevent any light from exposing the film??
    Also, would it also be safe to assume when I'm done with the other back and put the original one on, I can just resume shooting from where I left off.

    Also.. developing my first roll this arvo. Got myself a patterson tank, D76 developer, Kodak professional indicator stop bath, Ilford Rapid fixer, Photo-flo 200, some clips and a thermometer. Still need to get some measuring cylinders.
    Anything else I'm missing?
    btw: how do you store the chemicals once you're done. The guy at the shop said the developer is only used once but the stop bath and fix can be reused - is that right.
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    Yes, that is the point of the removable backs. It should be safe as long as the darkslide entrance is light tight. With the Mamiya 645 I would always loose a frame when I swapped backs since I could only cock the shutter with a back on and everytime I put on a new back I would have to cock and wind...something like that. With the Hasselblad I just cock the shutter then put the back on with the last new frame. I'm not sure about the Contax.

    Measuring tubes and containers are quite essential for high dilutions. The easiest and cheapest way to store developer is to ask your pharmacy for a whole ton of amber bottles. I got about 16 200ml for $1 each last week. Make sure the liquid fills to the top and displace any air out of the bottles with marbles if you must.

    Most developers can be reused with increased development times, but it is safe to just stick to one shot - dump since the chemicals are so cheap.
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    Hi Swifty. Here's my lament about my RB 67. I always had frames with some stray light splashed across them. Just enough to ruin the picture. I finally narrowed the problem as being from a slightly warped darkslide cover. So now I do not take off the back, although I'm looking to get a lightproof bag so that I can do this in reasonably strong light. Am...

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