this is probably no new news to most, but I have just started blow cleaning my sensor as I do almost every lens change in a slightly different fashion with remarkable results.

I have been a little disheartened that even when using the rocket blower to clean the sensor there almost always seems to some bunnies left on the sensor I have been attempting to blow the sensor clean as is illustrated in the camera manual....mirror locked on it's side and use the blower to rid the sensor of dust. I was about to invest in a wet swab kit to thoroughly clean the sensor to finally get rid of all bunnies. Then I read about what is an obvious better way to clean out the dust from sensor and camera box section.

If you/I blow clean the sensor and box in the fashion illustrated in the camera manual, camera on it's side, then much of the time some dust remains and simply gets moved around in the camera box section. Now I still use the blower but with the camera tilted down with the opening pointing towards the ground, all dust particles leave the camera box section completely thanx to particles remaining and dust bunnie free images is the result { kicking myself }

Maybe as I said, you all know this already, but I didn't think of it till now and so far no more dust bunnies which is great as I was reluctant to use the wet swab system just yet as it would void my Nikon warranty.......give it a try if you dont already, you may be surprised at the result from a simple change of procedure