Hey everyone

I posted this question on a Mac forum, just thought I'd add it here in case anyone might be able to put me out of my misery

Hey guys,

Have done a quick search and am pretty much overwhelmed and confused on what I need to do to achieve the following:

I have made a slideshow in iMovie '09 comprised of photos and HD (720p) video clips from my Nikon D90. I have left the video clips at "full" quality when importing them.

I want to maintain the maximum possible quality to play this slideshow on HDTVs.

So a few questions:
1. The best way to export from iMovie to DVD maintaining maximum quality? Do I export using the H.264 codec?
2. Is iDVD then the best program for getting it into DVD format?
3. The Nikon D90 records 720p video @ 24fps - I'd like to keep it at this framerate instead of upscaling it. Does iMovie automatically upscale the frame rate?
4. Would it be easier (and is it possible) to put the iMovie project straight back onto an SDHC card, back into the camera - and play it on the TV via a Mini-HDMI cable. The Nikon saves its video as .avi format if that helps at all.

Sorry for all the questions- I'm a complete newbie at this and didn't realise it would turn out to be so complicated. Any help would be much appreciated