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    Of course, there is a subjective amount of thinking, but again as others have mentioned it is entirely relative to the type of shooting taking place.
    If I am shooting documentary or photojournalism, stills and video, I am more watching rather than thinking, the decision has been made to be in a certain place at a certain time, the only thought that counts to me in this circumstance is how best to portray the story through framing, all the other stuff like apertures, shutter speed, flash etc etc, should be second nature. It is the observing that is paramount in this situation (personally speaking) and consideration for those viewing the end results and empathy towards the subject matter.
    On the other hand, I think a great deal about technical stuff, conceptual application of it, what if I was to shoot a model this way or shoot her that way, absolutely, I'd be a fool not to think about it. But these are very different circumstances.

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    My photography mentor once described my shoots as spray and pray.
    These days I shoot a lot fewer frames and think a lot more.

    Processing 1000-1200 frames from a shoot and shooting a few times a week soon cures you of just shooting from the Hip.

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    Good one Old Fart. That's got more to do with old age than any technical issue. I know.
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    I need to think more, because I have already voted on this poll but don't actually remember doing it. Whats even worse, I cannot remember what I voted on LOL! But I would have voted on thinking more, some shots I do tend to rush, without thinking, ruining perfect shots because of poor setting choice etc...
    comments and criticisms are always appreciated.
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    Re: Think ! (about your photo)

    One of my all time favourite books on photography is David duChemin's "Within the Frame". Basically, gear and technical knowledge is mandatory but figuring out what you want to say with a photo is the key to beautiful photos that transcend technicalities and perfect composition. Highly recommended reading.

    Having just bought a new camera, I'm current concentrating on memorizing where everything is so that it's second nature and I don't have to remove my eye from the viewfinder. That way I can concentrate on what and why I'm photographing rather than how.

    The other thing I've found greatly helpful is taking notes when I review the photos during processing. I don't lose sleep over missed or poorly exposed photos, but I do take notes on how I can improve and carry the note book with me when I shoot. That way I'm constantly making new mistakes and avoiding remaking old ones

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    Hmmm mostly don't think about it at all. I just take camera virtually every where I go. I find shots usually come to me, as in I very rarely go looking for things to photograph but I am always looking for things to photograph......hmmmm I think that makes sense.
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    I think about which action figure I havent shot yet, does it make me giggle the shot, yes, what am I doing this for, fun, will I one day get out and shoot real people doing similar things, perhaps,
    so do I think about my shots that Im brave enough to post here, quite possibly!
    Although thinking is something I prefer not to have anyone accuse me of, next thing some will call me a grown up

    One day I'll take some serious photos, just not today
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    I don't think or plan nearly as often. Started carrying my camera around everywhere though, so that's a start

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    Good topic Kym that has had a revival.
    I try to be ready and have everything in its place. I think that patients is a good virtue for a photographer. I have had my new Sigma 10-20 for about a month now and ony taken about a dozen " test shots " with it. I know the exact place , ( seascape ) that I want to capture and am waiting for the weather to brighten up and for the right tide. When I do set off to capture it I will have all the gear that I think I will need to get the result that I can picture in my mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PH005 View Post
    Good topic Kym that has had a revival.
    I try to be ready and have everything in its place. I think that patients is a good virtue for a photographer. I have had my new Sigma 10-20 for about a month now and ony taken about a dozen " test shots " with it. I know the exact place , ( seascape ) that I want to capture and am waiting for the weather to brighten up and for the right tide. When I do set off to capture it I will have all the gear that I think I will need to get the result that I can picture in my mind.
    I'll come with you.
    Thanks for looking....Cheers,
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    As I learn more and more, I think more and more. although i do atleast once aweek go....... *%#$ ..... wish I had my camera. but I must say I have only once not had a charged battery.
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    Great list - for some reason the thing which I forget the most is the ISO setting; need to learn to take a breath and make sure everything is set properly before shooting

    Not sure if you can add this to the list, but legalities/rights....?

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    I think about the gear I need and I plan my shots (landscapes) but I can get lazy after a long walk or rush my shots when other people are around.......... and I always regret it afterwards in post processing.

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    After the subject from Kiwi today regarding getting the basics right first....I thought this might be a good opportunity to get this thread up there for a few newbies to read (bored at work - everyone enjoying the sunshine and not buying! - and was looking at old threads!!).

    Very interesting stuff!

    Do I think about what I am shooting? Yes, I do - being a newbie I am constantly thinking of my aperature, ISO and speed as well as the composition etc. One thing I liked, that was said on here by Allan was this...

    'Basically, I ask myself two questions now before I take a picture, and believe me when I say, this is REALLY hard;

    1.Why am I taking this shot?
    2.What story do I want to tell my audience with the shot?'

    How true!! Sometimes I see something and think what a good photo that would be BUT then I think why?? Do I just like the colours or is there something that does say something? I think more have to think about this (depending on the style of photography).
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    Like someone said above, since being on this forum (and just as a natural progression through the years, getting more and more into photography) I do tend to think more about my shots. Certainly more than I did this time last year. And there's still a long way to go and things to factor in. But I'm the type of clown who always has a billion things on my mind, ranging from completely insignificant things to pretty insignificant things, and some of my common lapses in thinking result in the following:

    - Just over a month ago I decided to go out and shoot some waterfalls/streams in the national park about 40mins from home. I get there in a flurry of excitement, get out the car and WHOOSHKA! I'd actually left my tripod at home. Of all the things to foget with such photos in mind. Anyway, that cost me $120 as I went to the "local" Harvey Norman and just bought a new tripod instead of going home. Not an entirely bad thing because I severely needed an upgrade and if I wasn't married I'd consider marrying my new tripod because of how awesome it is.

    - The bloody screw on Gradual ND filters. The amount of times I've had the dark half set for landscape shots and taken a portrait shot, and vice versa... you'd think a brother would learn. Maybe one day, but still not there yet.

    - The couple of times in my life I have tried my hand at Manual Focus. Each time so far I have left it on MF and switched the camera off, only to find when I'm halfway through taking exciting shots later on, that I wonder why there's no beeping and the boxes aren't focusing on anything. I know it sounds inconceivable, but that's me. As recently as 2 weeks ago I did this. Unbelievable.

    - In the Av mode I often am in the middle of shooting landscapes when I see a nice flower or rock or animal and set my aperture down to 3.5 or the like, then get re-focused and return to shooting landscapes, only to find out later that I left the aperture on 3.5.

    But I think I am getting better, I hope. Sadly, the times when I make the silliest mistakes are during moments like sunrises when I only have a tiny window of opportunity anyway. But I think it's because of the short window of time that I get a bit hurried and don't always think everything through sensibly. Right when I'd like to be at my sharpest.

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    For a Sunrise shoot , I always set my camera up the night before , All settings checked and filters fitted(Can't be bothered mucking around in the dark) , I now know what settings to start with , All I have to do is start shooting
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    Sometimes. I also experiment with ' I might try this and see what I get ' . Being new my thinking is still limited due to lack of knowledge, and just doing is a great learning tool.

    Of course I think of ap,exposure,comp, etc. if I'm planning a certain genre shoot, I set camera before I go too.....but still play around with settings. I also do a lot of ' on the go' stuff, so I don't know what I'm shooting until I see it. I think if I slowed down, set up planned shoots, I would get different results, possibly better too. But spontaneous is ok too.

    Always learning.

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    Thanks for reviving this thread - I had not seen it before. Since being on this site I am thinking more about the shots I take such as levelling the horizon, rule of thirds, position of the light, moving to the right height for the subject, being aware of what else is in the background just to name a few things - I even think about taking the camera with me more often too! I am going to copy what I think are the salient points to me and put it on a laminated card and put it in the camera bag - even if I never look at the card again it will remind me of why I got this camera in the first place.

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    It's all about the Light!
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    You can't keep a good thread down

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    A very pertinent thread. I was at a beautiful church on Saturday, followed up by a wedding reception at Belgenny Farm. The sky was gorgeous, and the location was beautiful. My two daughters were dressed in matching outfits, my 3yo even managed to eat a mango sorbet without getting any on her, my husband was in a suit, my dad was in a suit... Perfect everything for an afternoon of photography (well photography interlaced with wine and conversation).

    ... I took five photos before my camera battery went flat. The other battery was at home on the charger, where I had put it the night before.

    - - - Updated - - -

    ETA: I just saw the dates on these posts. Oops... I guess you can't keep a good thread down!
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